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Do Air Purifiers Cool The Room?

We all know that the main function of an air purifier is to purify the air. Does that air purifier also cool the air?

We all know that the main function of an air purifier is to purify the air. Does that air purifier also cool the air? Some people feel cooler when they use an air purifier. What's the reason for this? We'll look at whether air purifiers cool rooms and the science behind why they make rooms feel cooler. 

How Does An Air Purifier Work?


The main function of an air purifier is to capture dust, allergens and other bacterial viruses by drawing in air. The fresh air is then expelled. There may be a slight amount of air blowing out from this process, but it doesn't actually have an effect on the air temperature. Sometimes the room feels cooler because it is made cooler by air circulation.

Why did you think an air purifier will cool the room?


1. Air Circulation of the Air Purifier
When the air purifier is switched on, it maintains air purification and air circulation. When air is drawn into the machine, the surrounding air is forced to start moving, driving air circulation throughout the room. Temperatures are different at different locations in the room, when relatively cooler air is transferred to relatively hotter areas. You will then feel cooler.


2. Air Purifier with Fan Function
The average air purifier is designed with a relatively small motor inside, as its role is limited to drawing air in and expelling it through a diffusion outlet. This type of air purifier cannot make you feel the cold air.
CROSSBOW designs desktop air purifier SKJ-CR082 with improved brushless motors that provide efficient kinetic energy. The uniquely designed air outlet can reach 8m/s of wind power, purifying the air in the house while physically cooling it down.


3.Air Purifier CADR Values for Cooler Indoor Air
The Clean Air Delivery Rate CADR rating indicates how efficiently an air purifier circulates air in a specific sized room. Generally, CADR values have a corresponding suitable room size. When a large CADR air purifier is used in a small room. It will make it obvious to you that the air is moving in the room. Creating the illusion that the air purifier will make the room cooler.

How can I use an air purifier to cool my room?

At this time, it should be well understood that air purifiers do not have the ability to cool down the room. But you can use some methods to make the air purifier produce the effect of cooling the room. Next, we will describe some ways to cool down room with air purifier.


1. Air purifier and air conditioner combination
Switching on an air purifier while you're using your air conditioner can quickly bring down the temperature in your room. After the air conditioner blows out the cold air, the air purifier constantly circulates the air in the house, which can accelerate the spread of cold air to the corners of the room.


2. Open the window
When using an air purifier in a stuffy room. Try opening the windows to let the outdoor air flow into the room. The air purifier will circulate the air in the house while purifying the air. This air movement brings the outdoor air inside, allowing the room to cool down somewhat. Do not use this method if the air outside is even hotter.


3. Place the air purifier in the correct position
Place the air purifier in an open space or near a window. This will maximise the use of air circulation to lower the temperature of the room. Don't put it next to a covered object, or an object that is prone to heat.


In conclusion, air purifiers don't cool the room directly, so if you need the air to be purified and cooled at the same time, you can try an air purifying fan to keep the room cool while enjoying the fresh air.

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