CROSSBOW Patent Technology

Turbocharged Air Supply System

Powered by a brushless motor, the air can be compressed and accelerated by increasing the air pressure to reach the specified difference. The air is then ejected at high speed and pressure through the nozzle's 0.5-5mm opening, creating a smooth, comfortable airflow. This turbocharged system allows our bladeless fan to generate a strong, rejuvenating breeze that cools you down on hot days.

Air Duct and Airflow Structure

The CROSSBOW bladeless fan features a unique inlet and outlet design, optimized internal duct structure to achieve strong airflow and low noise. This innovative duct design generates powerful yet quiet airflow, providing refreshing cooling while keeping noise to a minimum.


Noise Reduction Techniques

The scientifically rational internal structure can reduce airflow turbulence. By installing sound-absorbing rings around the air inlet, and, at the same time, by adopting high quality sound insulation and noise reduction materials for the external housing, it achieves a relatively low noise level.

Exterior & Functional Design

The spherical, tower-shaped exterior design is minimalist, elegant, and conveys a distinctive style. Along with integrated heating, purifying, detachable and foldable features, it enables high utility. Numerous related patents obtained.



CROSSBOW  Fan VS Normal Fan