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How to Clean a Dehumidifier?

It is important for your health that you need to check and clean your dehumidifier regularly.

A dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the house, thereby reducing the humidity levels inside the house and creating a healthy and comfortable environment, which is important for people who are prone to allergies and respiratory problems. But while dehumidifiers collect moist air, they also collect bacteria, mould and mildew inside the machine, some of which are eliminated by filters and UV sterilisation. A small portion remains inside the machine. So it is very important to clean the machine regularly. Next we will explain which corners of the dehumidifier need to be cleaned and how to clean CROSSBOW dehumidifier.


Cleaning Preparations
Before you start cleaning, you will need to prepare some cleaning tools, if you have sensitive skin, you will need a pair of rubber gloves to prevent you from coming into contact with dust and bacterial dirt while cleaning. You will also need a pair of dust masks to reduce inhaling too much dust during the cleaning process. You will also need a cleaning towel and a small toothbrush to clean the surfaces and small corners of the machine. And finally a handheld hoover, which will help you clean the inside of the machine better.

Removing the cistern and drain hose
All home dehumidifiers have water tanks to collect moisture from the filtered air. The tank of a dehumidifier is the best place for bacteria to grow, so it needs to be cleaned frequently. Remove the water tank and clean the inside with a cleaning solution and hot water, making sure the corners are cleaned, and use the same cleaning method for the drain hose, drying it with a towel.

Cleaning the filter
Dehumidifiers with filtration need to have their filters cleaned regularly, and filters are also very prone to dust build-up. Start by checking how long the filter has been in use, and if it's past the recommended replacement time, you'll need to replace it with a new one. The filter mesh accumulates too much dust is not cleaned, it will lead to the dehumidifier's efficiency is reduced, more serious may damage the life of the machine, disassemble the filter mesh according to the product instructions. Some filters that do not support cleaning with water, brush first to clean the deep litter and use a handheld hoover to clean the surface dust. Filters that can be cleaned with water can be rinsed slowly with mild cleaning water and then left to dry.


Cleaning the inside of the machine
If your dehumidifier can simply remove the machine casing and you can see inside the machine relatively easily, use a soft cleaning brush to gently remove dust from the surface of the coils and fan blades, and then use a hand-held hoover to suck out the dust from the surface. If disassembly is not possible, contact a professional for maintenance. Do not forcefully disassemble and clean the machine yourself, it will cause damage to the machine.


Waiting for Drying
If you cleaned any parts of the dehumidifier with water, wait for them to air dry completely before installing the parts. Failure to do so can damage the dehumidifier.


How often do you clean a dehumidifier
Dehumidifiers need to be checked and cleaned on a regular basis, typically once a week to check and clean the water storage tank and drain to prevent bacteria from growing and to ensure the quality of the air in your house. This is based on how often you empty the tank. Check and clean the filters once a month to maintain the dehumidifier's dehumidification efficiency.

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