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How To Clean An Air Purifier?


Air purifiers improve the air quality in your home by reducing airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen and other allergens and particulates. When you keep using it for work, dust and bacterial viruses stay in the internal filters, crevices of the machine, which can lead to these bacterial dust being released into the air if you continue to use it for a long time.


Regular cleaning and maintenance of your air purifier will reduce secondary emissions of pollution and will extend the life of the machine and keep it in good working condition. With the help of our professional maintenance staff, we will introduce you to cleaning and maintaining your air purifier.


How Does an Air Purifier Work?

Air purifiers are relatively simple, consisting of a fan and multiple filters. Its working principle is to inhale indoor air through the fan and filter it through multiple layers of filters to filter out the particles and harmful gases in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the air. The filter principle mainly includes physical filtration, chemical adsorption and electronic sterilisation in three ways.


How Often To Clean An Air Purifier?

Professional engineers at CROSSBOW Air Purifiers recommend cleaning your air purifier at least once a month. You'll need to set a regular reminder on your calendar. If you're not sure if your air purifier needs to be cleaned, you can watch your air purifier for a little problem.


-Filter replacement light is on
-An abnormal noise from the air purifier
-Difficulty getting rid of air odours in your home
-Decreased airflow from the air purifier
-Increased coughing and asthma symptoms in your home.


How To Clean An Filter


HEPA Filter
Firstly, turn off the air purifier, according to the product manual to remove the filter, you need to pay attention to be careful to remove do not damage, because some of the products are easy to damage the filter removal, remove the use of vacuum cleaner or brush to gently clean up the accumulation of dust. If there is a washable symbol on the instructions, rinse the filter with warm water until the water becomes clear. If you are unable to confirm whether it can be cleaned, you can contact your supplier or CORSSBOW and we will be happy to help you.


How To Clean An Air Purifier?

Carbon Filter
If your air purifier has a separate activated carbon filter that can be removed, you can extend the life of the activated carbon filter in several ways.
1. Vinegar cleaning: Soak the activated carbon filter in vinegar water solution, then rinse it with clean water, then dry it and re-install it in the filter. The vinegar solution can effectively remove the organic dirt adsorbed on the filter, but be careful to rinse it with clean water and dry it thoroughly.
2. Sunshine: The ultraviolet rays in sunlight have strong bactericidal disinfection effect, which can kill some bacteria and viruses on the filter, and also eliminate the odour.

It should be noted that avoid using chemical cleaners to clean the activated charcoal filter, after cleaning the activated charcoal filter must be thoroughly dried before use, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria.



Learning how to clean an air cleaner is not a difficult task. We present cleaning methods that will meet your daily cleaning needs, as this will allow your air purifier to last longer reducing unnecessary costs for you, and if you're shopping for a new air purifier, don't be afraid to have your air purifier cleaned on a regular basis as the benefits that come with an air purifier far outweigh this.

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