Best Smart Desktop Air Purifier for Home Use: SKJ-CR080

  • CADR 320m³/h, cover up to 40㎡ room
  • Air Quality Display
  • Supports wireless/USB charging 
  • Touch-Sensitive Control
  • Ngiht light
  • Timer
  • Noise Level: 21db
  • Support Wifi And App Control
Best Desktop Air Purifier for Living Rooms, Bedrooms with Air Quaility Indicator

This smart desktop air purifier for living rooms can be used as a desk, which makes the perfect two-in-one furniture and home appliance, and it is suitable for bedroom, living room and other scenes. It has a modern and stylish exterior design, suitable for modern decoration style. Built-in air sensor that shows the air quality level in real time, CADR 320m³/h for a room of 40m2, this SKJ-CR080 desktop air purifier for homes can purify the air 3 times per hour. 

Best Desktop Air Purifier with adjustable Four-speed Airflow and Unique 360 Outlet Design

Smart Desktop Air Purifier SKJ-CR080 adopts a unique 360° air outlet design, which is different from the traditional upward air outlet, it horizontally diffuses the air out, improves the air circulation speed, and realizes highly efficient air purification without dead angle. Users can adjust four wind speeds as needed to meet different air purification needs with this smart desktop air purifier. 

High Efficiency Filtration and Sterilization: Hepa Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Uv Sterilization And Plasma Air Purification in Best Smart Desktop Air Purifier

Adopting cylindrical HEPA filter, smart desktop air purifier SKJ-CR080 effectively filters 99.95% of airborne particles of 0.3 microns, 0.3-10 microns aerosols and allergens (such as dust mites, pollen, mold, mildew spores, etc.) in all directions. In addition, the purifier is equipped with activated carbon harmful gas deodorizing filters, UV sterilizing and plasma air purification technology to enhance the sterilization effect in a comprehensive way.