D029 Smart Dehumidifier for Rapid Dehumidifying

  • Three-Minute Automatic Delay Protectionofthe Compressor
  • LED Display(3 color to show differentambienthumidity)
  • Optional anion function for air purify
  • Tank Full Auto Stop
  • Touch Button
  • Auto dehumidifying mode
  • Sleeping mode

D029 is a medium-sized, highly efficient dehumidifier suitable for various environments that can remove up to 25 liters of water per day (under conditions of 30°C and 80% relative humidity). This smart dehumidifier is well-suited for use in homes, basements, underground spaces, laundry rooms, garages, storage rooms, large rooms, factories, and commercial settings. This dehumidifier effortlessly maintains humidity within the range of 45% to 55%. It comes equipped with features such as automatic dehumidification, auto drainage, and automatic defrost.

Extensive and Rapid Dehumidifier

With a daily dehumidification capacity of up to 25 liters (under conditions of 30°C and 80% relative humidity), it is suitable for environments with high humidity or large areas. Examples include larger rooms, damp basements, humid garages, or other places with elevated humidity levels. Utilizing a compression dehumidification system, it can swiftly and effectively eliminate moisture from the air, rapidly reducing humidity and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.