SKJ-CR022 26 Inch Bladeless Air Purifier for Pets


  • Bladeless fan/Air purifier-2 in 1
  • Support APP, Voice control via Echo/Google home
  • UVC Sterilization
  • Touch-sensitive control;Digital display
  • Ion Generator to clean room air
  • HEPA filter to clean room air
  • DC motor/Invisible fan blade.
  • 1-8h timer off
  • 1-9 air speed,sleep mode/strong mode
  • Noise level:55db

SKJ-CR022 bladeless air purifier is both a purifier and fan. This innovative appliance is not just designed for cooling, It’s also for air purification & sterilization ; It is a multifunctional air purifier tailored for households with pets. With its unique dual air duct design, the SKJ-CR022 allows you to customize the airflow, catering to different parts of the room. Standing at a height of 32 inches, its portability ensures it can be conveniently placed in various settings, whether it's the office, living room, or bedroom.

Cooling Air

Air Purification

Plasma Purification


1-9 Speed

1-8H Timer

30-120° Oscillations


UVC Air Purifier’s Air Purification and Sterilization for Pets.

One of the standout features of the SKJ-CR022 is its effective air purification and UVC sterilization mechanism, making it a versatile small air purifier. The device offers a range of filter options to suit diverse needs. For households with pets, the H13 filters are ideal, efficiently absorbing particles above 0.3 microns, providing a clean and fresh environment. Additionally, for those concerned about odors and smoke, activated carbon filters are available. Parents with infants can benefit from the UV sterilization, H13, and activated carbon composite filter, ensuring comprehensive health protection for their children.