SKJ-CR022M Bladeless Fan with Humidifier and Air Purifier


  • Cooling & Purifiaction & Humidifier
  • Auto Detect Room Humidity
  • Detachable Humidifier Module
  • 1.2l Water Tank Capacity
  • 200ml/H Mist Output
  • Real Time Air Quality Value
  • H13 Filter Removes 99.97% Of Allergens
  • UV Sanitizer Lamp & Ion Generator (Optional)
  • Touch-Sensitive & Remote &App Control

Imagine a single appliance that effortlessly transforms your living space, making it more comfortable and healthier. Meet the SKJ-CR022M, a remarkable multi-functional device that is not only a bladeless air purifier fan but a bladeless fan with humidifier as well.

SKJ-CR022M is a multi-functional appliance that combines a fan, air purifier and humidifier. The bladeless air purifier mainly solves the problem of dry and poor air quality in your home. And it can monitor the air quality and air humidity inside the house in real-time, so that the bladeless air purifier fan can purify the air and regulate the temperature in your house, bringing a more comfortable living environment

Cooling Air


Air Purification



1-9 Speed

1-8H Timer

80±5° Oscillations

Bladeless Fan with Humidifier

Visible Bladeless Air Purifier with Smart Sensor System

The SKJ-CR022M has a built-in high-precision PM2.5 sensor and humidity sensor. And you can see your home's air quality and humidity level directly on its LCD screen for visible air purification. In automatic mode, our smart bladeless air purifier fan can automatically adjust the fan speed according to the indoor air quality level. Moreover, it has a separate humidifier that automatically adjusts the humidification settings accordingly based on the humidity level detected by the humidity sensor.