SKJ-CR025H 3-in-1 Bladeless Fan with Heater, Cooler, and Purifier


  • 3 In 1 Heater & Fan&Air Purifier
  • Dual PTC Quickly Heat
  • Temperature Protection
  • Automatically Turn Off When Tipped Over
  • H11/H12/H13 Filter
  • 99.97% Sterilizing Rate
  • LCD Intelligent Display
  • UVC LED Sterilisation For Option
  • 1-8h Timer & 1-9 Air Speed Setting
  • 80° Osillation(Left/Right)

SKJ-CR025H is a 3-in-1 Hot Cool Bladeless Fan that integrates three functions: cold air, hot air, and air purification. The 360-degree ring filter can purify the air in all aspects. And its dual PTC ceramic heating technology can quickly heat up and warm the entire room.

Cooling Air

Heating air

Air Purification


1-9 Speed

1-8H Timer

30-120° Oscillations


360 Bladeless Fan with HEPA Air Purification

As the 360 Bladeless Fan starts, the air enters the 360-degree ring filter from the small holes on the body. The primary effect layer filters hair and large particles in the air. The HEPA layer absorbs particles above 0.3 microns; the activated carbon layer deodorizes and removes peculiar smells. purify the environment; in addition to high-quality filters, we are also very thorough in product details. The interface between the filter and the 360 Bladeless Fan uses high-quality sealing strips, which can fit better and prevent the purified air from being polluted again.