Bladeless Fan Heater for Family Use


  • Quadruple Temperature Protection System
  • Efficient Hepa And UVC Sterilization Module
  • Turbo Motor System
  • Powerful High Speed DC Motor
  • 1-9 Adjustable Wind Speed
  • 80° Automatic Osillation
  • Remote / Voice / Amazon Echo / Google Home / Tuya Control
Bladeless Fan Heater

Cooling Air

Heating air

Air Purification



1-8H Timer

80±5° Oscillations


bladeless fan heater and cooler

Great bladeless fan heater for high air quality business

SKJ-CR026H is an all-in-one bladeless fan heater ,cooler, utilizing advanced turbocharging technology and H13-grade filters. With 360° efficient air filtration, it swiftly purifies pollutants and offers rapid heating and cooling circulation. Its smart touch controls, LCD digital display, and adaptability for different seasons make it a versatile choice. Suitable for those with high indoor air quality standards, allergies, weakened immune systems, or pregnant individuals. It's a game-changer for maintaining air quality year-round, ensuring comfort and well-being.