SKJ-028 Bladeless Fan with Air Purifier for A Quiet Air Purification


  • Auto Mode
  • 1-9 Air Speed Setting
  • 1-8h Timer Off Setting
  • Double Air Movement Tunnel Design
  • Automatic Osillation(Left/Right): 80°
  • Tilt Back&Front Adjustable: 30°
  • Memory Function For Filter Replacement
  • Built-In Ion Generator
  • TUYA & Amazon Echo & Google Home Conrtol
  • UVC LED Sterilisation For Option

SKJ-CR028 is a UVC bladeless fan with an integrated air purifier that redefines comfort and cleanliness. This multi-functional fan takes innovation to the next level with its intelligent detection and control system, which seamlessly adjusts air volume based on ambient temperature and humidity. SKJ-CR028 ensures optimal performance while saving space and offering cost-effective solutions.

Cooling Air

Heating air

Smart Temperature Sensing

Air Purification

Plasma Purification


1-9 Speed

1-8H Timer

Intelligent Detection and Adjustment of Bladeless Air Purifier

Enhancing the user experience is the AI intelligent system embedded in the SKJ-CR028. This system automatically adapts the fan speed to the indoor temperature. In this way, the efficiency of the fan can be effectively controlled and the person's sleep can be pampered throughout the night.