Suspended Air Purifier Bladeless Fan with Air Quality Display and Intelligent Adjustment


  • PM2.5 Air Quality Value Display
  • Auto Adjusting Fan Speeds Based on Air Quality
  • 99.95% Sterilizing Rate
  • Osillation:30°-60°-90°-120°
  • Tilt Up &Down Adjustable: 30°
  • 9 Speeds & 8h Timer
  • Magnetic suction remote control
  • UVC Sterilisation (optional)
  • Room Temperature/Humidity Value Display (optional)
  • Atmosphere Light(optional)

SKJ-CR050 Bladeless Fan Air Purifier, with built-in PM2.5 air particle sensor, is able to capture sensitively and real-time display of PM2.5 in the air. In addition, this bladeless fan with air purifier is also capable of automatically adjusting the air speed based on the air quality to intelligently purify the air. With the design of suspended air purification, this bladeless fan with air purifier can improve indoor air purification efficiency and adapt to the air purification of a larger house area.

Cooling Air

Air Quality Display

Temperature and Humidity Display

Air Purification

1-8H Timer

30°, 60°, 90°, 120° Oscillations


1-9 Speed & Timer

Smart Bladeless Fan Air Purifier with Real-time Air Quality Display

SKJ-CR050 Bladeless Fan Air Purifier has a built-in PM2.5 air purifying particle sensor, which is able to detect PM2.5 in the air in real time and present it as a numerical value. After being purified by the air purifier bladeless fans, the value on the display