SKJ-CR310 Wall Mounted Bladeless Fan Quiet With Fast Air Flow


  • Bladeless Wall-Mounted/Desktop Fan
  • No Leaf Fan Easier To Clean
  • Soft And Persistent Wind, 1-8 Fan Speed
  • Sleep Mode, 1-8h Timer
  • Osillation Degree 80°
  • Tilted Degree 100°

Soft Wind


DC Motor

1-8 Speed

1-8H Timer

30-120° Oscillations


Advantages of Our Wall Mounted Fan Bladeless

Bladeless Fan: Our wall mounted fan bladeless is engineered with turbocharging technology and an annular air duct design to produce soft, all-around natural airflow for ultimate comfort. It offers up to 10 adjustable wind speeds.

Traditional fans: Traditional electric fans rely on blades to create airflow, creating larger, more turbulent gusts. This can lead to uneven airflow and fluctuations in wind speed, causing discomfort to users.