SKJCR-060 Powerful Turbocharging Desk Bladeless Fan

  • 1-3 Air Speed
  • Comfortable Natural Wind
  • Touch-Sensitive Control; LED Display
  • Noise Level: 38db
  • Five Colours of LED Light
desk bladeless fan

This is the best bladeless desk fan in the marketing, compared with traditional fans, this small bladeless desk fan uses turbocharging technology to provide a steady stream of natural wind. The bladeless design overcomes the shortcomings of traditional fans that are difficult to clean, and there is no need to worry about damage finger. Infant and child families can use it with confidence;
The compact and exquisite appearance design of this desk bladeless fan takes away the sultry heat without taking up more desktop space; at night, this fan turns into a 5-color night light, adding warmth to the room and creating a soothing sleeping environment. 

Bladeless Table Fan

High Quality ABS Bladeless Table Fan

The shell of the Bladeless Table Fan is made of high-quality ABS material, which has better gloss and stronger toughness than PP plastic. And our table top bladeless fan’s 4mm air outlet is just right, which does not affect the air volume and prevents damage to babies and children; the hollow design at the bottom of the machine can dissipate heat over a large area, protect the machine and extend its service life; the chassis is equipped with anti-slip pads, making it more stable to use. In general, this table fan without blade combines functionality, quality, and beauty.