SKJ-CR061 20-Inch Bladeless Floor Standing Fan

  • 1-10 Wind Speed
  • Touch-Sensitive Control; Digital Display
  • 1-8h Timer Off(Operate In Remote Control
  • 1-10 Wind Speed,
  • Noise Level: 55db
  • Osillation: 80°
  • Support Wifi And App Control

This is a 20-inch standing bladeless fan with a touch screen design that can control the switch, timing, and adjust the wind speed and angle. easy to operate, equipped with LED display, intuitive and clear. This product not only has a unique, exquisite and beautiful appearance design, but also has fine craftsmanship to ensure the performance and quality of the product, both overall and in detail. Overall, this is a bladeless floor standing fan that combines good looks, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.

10 Speed Modes of Standing Bladeless Fan

061 standing bladeless fan is equipped with 10 adjustable wind speeds, the maximum wind speed can reach 4.5m/s, and the 80-degree rotation angle can supply air to a wide range and the wind blown out is softer and more natural; while other standing fan bladeless have a maximum wind speed of only 3.6m/s. s.