Do Bladeless Fans Make Noise?

We all know that the noise from traditional bladed fans comes from the sound produced by the fan blades slapping the air, so who knows where the noise from a bladeless fan comes from?

We all know that the noise from traditional bladed fans comes from the sound produced by the fan blades slapping the air, so who knows where the noise from a bladeless fan comes from?


Are Bladeless Fans Quiet?


Electric fans are one of the main ways to cool down in the summer and are found in almost every home, but most people have encountered the problem of not being able to get both cool and quiet at the same time on a hot night; when you have the wind speed on high, the noise will keep you awake, and when you use sleep mode, the small airflow won't cool you down. So choosing the right fan can give you a better night's sleep. Bladeless fans are usually less noisy than traditional fans. Traditional fan noise between 30-60dB, bladeless fan noise is generally less than 55dB, so a comparison is obviously bladeless fan noise value is smaller, but the wind speed gear also affects the noise worth the size, so we need to understand clearly what factors can affect the fan noise.


Sources of Bladeless Fan Noise

Electromagnetic Noise - Noise generated by motor operation.
Fluid Noise - noise generated when the fan blades cut through the air
Mechanical Noise - noise generated when the fan oscillates, caused by wear and tear on the mechanical parts inside the fan. 
Let's take a look at some of the ways in which factories specialising in bladeless fans have reduced noise.


Use of Brushless DC Motor


The use of better DC brushless motors is less noisy, more energy efficient, high air volume, soft wind, high wind speed gear, durable, the only drawback is the relatively high cost. Currently the lowest noise is the DC brushless motor. HKCROSSBOW adopts self-developed and produced brushless motor, under the premise of guaranteeing the quality, further optimise the generation process and reduce the cost.



Do Bladeless Fans Make Noise?

Bladeless Fan Technology

Bladeless fan is actually hiding the "fan blade" inside the machine, people can't see the blade from the outside, but this "fan blade" is very different from the blade of the traditional fan, it has another name called impeller, and generally impeller is used in car engine, wind generator, aircraft engine and so on. Generally, impellers are used in car engines, wind turbines, aircraft engines and other places. The principle is that the motor drives the impeller to rotate at high speed to produce airflow, thus creating a fan effect. The impeller of a bladeless fan consists of a number of small blades whose shapes and angles are precisely calculated so that it rotates with very little noise.


Unique Air Duct Design

There are very many bladeless fans on the market, but not all of them are low noise. Some of the low-priced bladeless fans have not been professionally designed for their internal structure, and when air is drawn in from the bottom, it is ejected upwards, hits the top of the fan wall, and then flows back towards the circle. This inefficient airflow creates turbulence, which in turn puts a strain on the motor, ultimately leading to noisier equipment and higher power consumption. CROSSBOW bladeless fans, with professionally designed internal duct to improve airflow utilisation, smooth the loop, improve airflow reducing the strain on the motor, reducing internal fan noise generation and improving efficiency.



Overall, bladeless fans are less noisy than traditional fans, so if your bladeless fan is noisy, here are a few actions that can help you reduce fan noise.
1. It could be that the fan has been used for too long and needs maintenance.
2. It may be that the filter is too dirty and needs to be replaced
3. Don't place the fan close to other objects as this may cause resonance,leading to increased noise. If none of the above methods work, You may want to consider switching to a different bladeless fan supplier.

4.You can choose our 2024 brand new design suspended SKJ-CR050 Bladeless Fan. It is able to detect the air quality in real time and automatically adjust to purify the air.


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