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Why Is My Air Purifier Making Noise?

Air purifiers allow us to reduce indoor air pollution, allergens and germs. But when you can't sleep or work because of the noise from your air purifier, you need to be careful.

Air purifiers allow us to reduce indoor air pollution, allergens and germs. But when you can't sleep or work because of the noise from your air purifier, you need to be careful. Although some air purifiers can be a bit noisy when running at high speed, this noise is acceptable.


What we are going to discuss are the abnormal noises that make the noise unbearable. These abnormal noises mean that there is some problem with the air purifier that may cause the air purification efficiency to deteriorate or even prevent it from purifying the air properly. Repairs are needed and we will discuss the different noise problems depending on them.



Types of Different Noises Made by Air Purifiers



When we understand the noise made by an air purifier we need to look carefully at the assessment to determine the different types of noise. The first thing to understand about the normal noise of an air purifier is the constant, steady white noise emitted by the fan. If this is not the sound of your air purifier you need to differentiate based on the following.


Air Purifier Emits High Frequency Noise

This noise can usually be caused by a problem with the fan motor inside the air purifier, where the blades of the fan rub against other parts, or friction inside the motor.


Air Purifier Makes Static-Like Noise

You need to check whether there is any problem with the circuit of the air purifier, whether the wires are intact, and whether there is any external packaging material that is broken causing leakage problems.


Constant Vibration and Collision Sound

When something inside the air purifier is loose or not fixed properly, such as a loose internal fan or bearing, it will make this vibration-like collision sound.


Similar Hissing Airflow Sound

This sound is produced when the filter inside the air purifier is damaged or not installed correctly.


Causes of Excessive Air Purifier Noise and Measures to Deal with it



Poor Structural Design of Air Purifiers

The structural design of the air purifier has a great impact on the noise. If the internal structure is not reasonably designed, the distance between the fan and the filter is too close, or there is a gap between the filter and the body shell, it will lead to excessive noise. Choose a well-designed air purifier from a professional air purifier manufacturer.


Excessive Fan Speed

Fan is an important part of the air purifier, fan speed is too high will lead to excessive noise. Choose an air purifier with adjustable fan speed, and adjust the fan speed according to the actual needs.


Improper Placement of Air Purifier

Air purifiers should be avoided to be placed near furniture and walls, which will not only affect the air purification efficiency. There is also the generation of unreasonable noise. Place it in an empty living room, or in a bedroom away from the bed.


Clogged Filter

A clogged filter will cause the air purifier to work abnormally, which in turn generates noise. You need to clean or replace the filter regularly to keep it clean and clear.


Excessive Dust Inside the Air Purifier

When the air purifier is used for a long time, a lot of dust will accumulate inside, resulting in excessive noise. Regularly disassemble and clean the air purifier to keep the interior clean.


When none of the above methods can solve the problem of a noisy air purifier, it is time to go back to a quieter type of air purifier. It is also very important to choose the right air purifier from the beginning.CROSSBOW has been in the air treatment type appliance industry for many years, and can offer you some help.

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